Werd Apotheke, Zurich

New pharmacy in the style of the fifties.

Initial situation

The Werd pharmacy was in a chaotic but lovingly fifties style.


One of the customer’s major concerns was to integrate the old furniture into the new pharmacy design. As a professional shopfitter, Global Shop Design created new furniture made of glass and steel, thus providing a nice contrast to the old wooden furniture. A fresh, friendly and inviting environment was created using the combination of striking red glass lamps and a light blue graphic banner.


Before the new pharmacy was built, the medications were stored in shelves in the salesroom. Because the salesroom was very small and the basement very large, an automatic medication system was integrated into the new pharmacy layout. 

This resulted in a larger salesroom, an improved view of the range of non-prescription products and more time for consulting. Furthermore, the inventory management was optimised. In addition to the graphic banner, a brand new appearance for the pharmacy was developed by a graphic design studio. 

Elisabeth Balogh
Werd Apotheke
Birmenstorferstrasse 51
8004 Zurich

«The pharmacy has become really beautiful now.»

Elisabeth Balogh