TopPharm SchlossApotheke in the PolyCenter Laupen

A large building complex comprising around 90 apartments and a shopping centre is currently under development on the industrial wasteland of the former polygraphic company "Polygraphische Gesellschaft" in Laupen.

Initial situation

The TopPharm pharmacy "SchlossApotheke" owned by Dr. B. Wittwer and Mr. A. Chappuis is expanding its location. During the search for a planning and furnishing partner, Global Shop Design was invited to an initial meeting.


The "SchlossApotheke" Laupen is well-established and highly appreciated far beyond the catchment area of Laupen. The idea of the second new location is to supplement the original pharmacy with a differentiated service offering and product range: Complementary pharmaceutics including manufacturing, mother and child, beauty, studio and perfume store. The interior must be both welcoming, functional and also emit a touch of "that certain something" in order to exude a comfortable atmosphere.


In keeping with complementary medicine, the pharmacy was designed using natural materials and trees made of plywood that had an eye-catching effect.

Complex building technology: Ventilation, sprinklers, heating and air-conditioner were all concealed by means of a ceiling grid. Its dark green color symoblises the leaves in a dense forest.

An automatic medication system was designed to fit behind the counter area and is also used as a stockroom. The laboratory was placed at the front of the pharmacy with visible access to the manufactory. Furthermore, two consultation rooms were required in order to provide a competent and personal consulting service. Last but not least, the cosmetics studio completes the extensive range of services.

Dr. Beat Wittwer
TopPharm SchlossApotheke
im PolyCenter
Bahnweg 2
CH-3177 Laupen

«Our collaboration has yielded a genuine result that exceeds all expectations.»

Dr. Beat Wittwer