TopPharm Pharmacy Hinwil

Future-oriented local pharmacy with a focus on personal consultation.

Initial situation

The TopPharm Pharmacy Hinwil had to be renovated in order to remain profitable in the future.

The house had to be refurbished. The house owner took this opportunity to offer to combine both the neighbouring shop and the existing pharmacy. A wall opening was created, and the two rental premises were subsequently combined.


For the local pharmacy in the heart of Hinwil, the basis for satisfied customers is personal, neutral, sensitive and competent consultation as well as being able to make appointments without long waiting times.

For this reason, new and spacious rooms were an important element for the renovation. The preliminary project set out by Global Shop Design managed to convince due its sensitivity, hereby suiting the client’s taste. This is why we won the bidding.


Two very spacious consultation rooms were planned and built, each including a couch, washbasin and toilet – the consultation rooms now prove to be highly successful.

A Gollmann medication system was intended to be installed directly next to the goods reception. Due to the fact that this position was located on the additional retail space, the conveyor belt had to be installed through both of the new consultation rooms, including a chute to the checkout area. The dispensaries are integrated within a second conveyor belt. The belt was properly insulated, and the dispensaries work perfectly. The walls within the entire consultation area were all covered with forest wallpaper in order to create a fresh and friendly atmosphere.


Mrs Christine Meyer-Gerstl
TopPharm Pharmacy Hinwil
Zürichstrasse 27
CH-8340 Hinwil

«The pharmacy suits my taste precisely. I am very happy with the result.»

Mrs Christine Meyer-Gerstl