TopPharm Apotheke Meyer, Sursee

Extension featuring a new modern annexe.

Initial situation

Through ownership of the building and land, the construction of a modern annexe became possible.


For years we have planned to convert the pharmacy and extend it with an annexe to offer our customers a larger range of products. The new facility should match the existing neo-classical building.


After analysing the layout and visualisation with regard to how the pharmacy could be extended, a local architect was contracted to implement the annexe. Afterwards, the extension was furnished with new furniture and used as a temporary solution until the old pharmacy was completed. Historical floor slabs connect the neo-classical house with the modern extension. While the furniture made of white oiled oak creates a feeling of familiarity, the dark rear walls succeed in highlighting the products.

Willy Meyer, TopPharm Apotheke Meyer AG
Centralstrasse 1
6210 Sursee

«Both the annexe and the retail area now shine in unified harmony.»

Willy Meyer