TopPharm Apotheke & Drogerie Aarberg

A new shopping centre is currently being realised next to the former brick factory area in Aarberg. 

Initial Situation

The TopPharm Apotheke & Drogerie, owned by Mrs Christine Bourquin and Mrs Andrea Fahrni, took the opportunity to create a second modern location. 


The new pharmacy should clearly differ from the existing one in the old town and address young and urban customers: cheeky, fast and uncomplicated. An automatic medication system serves as a stockroom, and the laboratory is designed to be an exhibition lab in order for the customers to follow the production of medicinal products. While the retail space should be as large as possible, we aim to keep the back office as small as possible. A comfortable and spacious consultation room shall of course be available. 


The lab with glass panels is planned to be situated towards the front of the pharmacy with a view of the automatic medication system. 

A modern lounge in the middle of the pharmacy welcomes the customers. Both the floor and the sales cabinet are designed in a stylish manner using cement coverings applied with a spatula. 

Shelves and table frames are made of black steel. The ceiling and its many installations are painted in black and decorated with ceiling panels. This modern design is complemented by an elaborate lighting concept using state-of-the-art LED technology. 

This is how a modern and urban pharmacy is created with a feel-good atmosphere.

Frau Christine Bourquin
TopPharm Apotheke & Drogerie Aarberg
Aarberg Center
Bahnhofstrasse 11
CH-3270 Aarberg

«The collaboration was very pleasant indeed, and we are very happy with the result.»

Christine Bourquin