St. Peter Apotheke, Zürich

The warm environment of the rooms and the location near the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich all contribute to make the St. Peter Pharmacy an unmistakable place for health-related issues.

Initial situation

Steeped in tradition, this house belongs to the leading complementary medicine addresses in Zurich. The product range encompasses medical products from the fields of homeopathy, anthroposophic and traditional Chinese medicine as well as herbs and tinctures used in western herbal medicine. Traditional medical products are also included in the large product range which requires lots of space. The prominent location in the city of Zurich does however demand correspondingly high rents.


Although the rental space had to be reduced, the same services and product range still had to be on offer. Therefore, the lessor was able to realise a new shop next door. Global Shop Design was invited to the pitch and was awarded the contract on the grounds that we acted with great sensitivity regarding the existing rooms and installations within the scope of the project. Furthermore, it was possible to enlarge the pharmacy, and a consultation room was also gained.


Due to the fact that the reconstruction was complicated, it was planned in several stages.

First of all, a temporary solution was erected in order to replace the TCM laboratory. Afterwards, the elevator tangent to the rooms in the basement and on the ground floor was removed. In the basement, a new TCM laboratory was built with partially existing furniture. During the reconstruction phase, the old TCM laboratory, the elevator shaft and the forecourt were all used as a temporary solution for the pharmacy including the existing medicine compartments.

Afterwards, the reconstruction of the pharmacy took place. The old furniture was dismantled and stored, and the existing marble floor was replenished with new tiles. A medication system was installed in the basement from which the medicines were transported to the sales counters on the ground floor by means of an elevator. Holes between the steel girders and the beams were necessary for this task. The old furniture was positioned in a new order and also replenished. In addition, the back office was enhanced, and various walls were redecorated. In this way, the pharmacy was enlarged, embellished and, at the same time, the rental space was reduced.

Mrs Elfriede Seiler, Mr Guido Brun and Mrs Marianne Keller
Silvia Briggen AG
St. Peter Strasse 16
CH-8001 Zürich

«We’ve got the most beautiful pharmacy in Zurich … in Switzerland.»

Mr Guido Brun


«The most beautiful pharmacy in the world!»

Mrs Elfi Seiler