Dorfplatz Apotheke Studen

The „Dorfplatz“ pharmacy is located in the Wydenpark, a meeting place for young and old alike.

Initial situation

A new building complex «Wydenpark» with rental and nursing apartments, a senior citizens’ residence, a restaurant and several shops is being built in a prime location in Studen. Here lies the future of the „Dorfplatz“ pharmacy.


The shell construction of the new rented retail space must be completed budget-consciously within the shortest possible period of time as a modern, customer-friendly pharmacy: Daylight in the office with an overview of the store, a separate entrance for goods delivery, consultation rooms for video consultations, children’s area, waiting area, laboratory, lounge, wardrobe and toilet facility.


In order to take into consideration the three-segment window facade with two entrances facing each other, a curved wall was built longitudinally through the entire location. Hence, we ensured that daylight was used optimally. This did however result in a rather elongated salesroom. In order to guide the customers to the back of the store as well, the rear wall was painted with a warm and attractive yellow colour. The ceiling canvas was the owner’s request. In order to keep the ceiling design as calm as possible, the latest wall washer LED lighting technology was implemented. In order to complete the shell construction to carry out the interior work as quickly as possible, we contracted a local construction management company. The cooperation proved to be excellent.

Margret Schönbächler
Dorfplatz Apotheke AG
Wydenpark 1A
2557 Studen

«All my wishes for the new pharmacy came true.»

Marget Schönbächler