TopPharm Rathaus Apotheke, Baar

Complete renovation after 35 years.

Initial situation

As the new owner of the Rathaus pharmacy, Ursina Schwegler’s goal was to bring the facility (built in 1977) in line with the latest standards.


Extend the retail space and create a new and modern identity as well as a welcoming, friendly and bright atmosphere. Optimise work processes.


By removing unnecessary medication drawers, it was possible to create extra space in the salesroom. A beautiful window once hidden behind the cabinets now became visible. The lab was enhanced with a workplace, and the facility was designed using natural materials such as clay paints on the walls and naturally oiled oak for the flooring. The entire facility is illuminated with the latest LED technology.

Ursina Schwegler, Rathaus Apotheke AG
Dorfstrasse 3
6340 Baar

«It's just incredible – all our customers are very enthusiastic. The pharmacy has become a true success story.»

Ursula Schwegler