LUNA Die Luzerner Natur-Drogerie®

The lease expired and made a new location possible.

Initial situation

Because of the relocation of LUNA Lucerne’s Natural Chemist’s® to the Pilatusstrasse, Global Shop Design was awarded the shop fitting contract.


The task given by the owner, Mrs Gabriela Schlumpf, was to combine the existing with antique and new elements as well as to work with natural and  sustainable materials. 

The chemist’s product range consists primarily of products for naturopathy, good nutrition and natural cosmetics. The range should be of equal value, meaningful and manageable, and the customer should be invited to linger by means of playful elements and seating accomodation. 

The building contractor called in external experts for advice on signage, graphic design and Feng Shui. 


The three focal points „Natural Cosmetics“, „Organic Food“ and „Naturopathy/Chemist’s“ were separated using a shop-in-shop concept. The „Natural Cosmetics“ section is emphasised using decorative shelving, tables and lamps. „Healthy Organic Food“ is set in a French bistro style, and „Naturopathy“ is designed in a more plain, clear, manageable and professional fashion. The customer is guided through the store and, at the same time, has an overview of the different product ranges. This way, the customer is encouraged to walk around and linger in the location. 

Mrs Gabriela Schlumpf
LUNA Die Luzerner Naturdrogerie
Pilatusstrasse 41
CH-6003 Lucerne

«At the opening in spring, we generated more revenue than at Christmas, and we gained more customers … the new facility has turned out to be a great success.»

Gabriela Schlumpf