Fanghöfli Pharmacy, Lucerne

Natural and fresh-looking.

Initial situation

In recent years, the Fanghöfli Pharmacy, built in 1971, has only been moderately renovated and slightly extended.

On the opposite side of the road, a new project for the area “Grossmatte” was in the planning stages: The building development “Grossmatte” with approx. 450 apartments and a small shopping centre including, for example, Migros as one of the tenants. Grossmatte fulfills all the objectives of the “2000 Watt Society”, a term that stands for the future energy policy in Switzerland. Our builder, Hanspeter Stutz, immediately recognised the potential for his own pharmacy in a new location and was able to rent space for a new chemist’s.


The Fanghöfli Pharmacy is a typical local pharmacy with a customer base from the suburb of Littau. Personal and professional consultation is what pleases the customers – and this is also what the success of the pharmacy is based upon. Global Shop Design was eventually commissioned with the overall concept of “design, planning and construction management until completion”.

The task included designing a natural and fresh-looking pharmacy with the focus on complementary medicine, among other things.


In keeping with the concept of our builders (Mrs Theres Stutz and Mr Hanspeter Stutz) – i.e. to create a natural and genuine atmosphere – we carefully selected materials like silver fir, natural stone and porcelain stoneware for the realisation.

A compact and functional back office, two consultation rooms – one including a couch and washbasin – as well as a very open and attractive checkout and customer area were planned. Only by keeping the installation on the ceiling to the absolute minimum, were we able to implement the high standards of building technology in an optimal and cost-effective manner.


Mr Hanspeter Stutz, Mrs Theres Stutz
Apotheke Fanghöfli
Luzernerstrasse 143
CH-6014 Luzern

«I knew right from the start that this would be a highly successful pharmacy.»

Mr Hanspeter Stutz


«You did a fantastic job!»

Mrs Theres Stutz