Apotheke Schönenbrunnen, Belp

A warm „feel-good pharmacy“

Initial situation

On the „Schönenbrunnen“ premises at the village entrance of Belp, a residential complex including a new shopping centre is under construction. The builders (Pierre and Ursula Bersier) succeeded in renting land to operate a pharmacy.


We were invited to the preliminary project phase on the basis of convincing inspections and discussions with other Global Shop Design clients. The task was to design a warm “feel-good pharmacy” with the largest possible salesroom. Our preliminary project was convincing enough, and we were awarded the contract.


A compact back-office solution with a lounge in the middle, a spacious consultation room with direct access to the salesroom, a medication system directly behind the counter, and a clearly arranged cash desk area combined with natural materials – e.g. natural oiled wooden parquet, natural fibre wallpaper on the walls and shelves made of larch – ensure both a practical result and an extremely pleasant atmosphere.

The building technology in the shopping centre is relatively complex and sophisticated – besides countless cables that were to be installed in the ceiling, in-house air-conditioning, ventilation and sprinkler systems were also planned. The entire infrastructure was elegantly concealed with ceiling panels made of three-dimensional expanded metal.

Mr and Mrs Bersier
Apotheke Schönenbrunnen
Steinbachstrasse 28
CH-3123 Belp

«We are extremely pleased with the pharmacy – it is truly very beautiful!»

Mr and Mrs Bersier