Apotheke am Hechtplatz GmbH

A new competence centre for health, safety and prevention is currently under construction in Fehraltorf.

Initial situation

On June 9, 2013, the people of Fehlaltorf agreed to a credit for a new construction on Hechtplatz. Hence, they were able to look forward to a new competence centre for health, safety and prevention. The former Linden pharmacy (owned by Mrs Marlis Peter und Mrs Regine Brinkmann) could now move into the new building on Hechtplatz. Global Shop Design was commissioned to carry out the design and realisation of the new pharmacy.


The aim of both the owners was to create an urban and modern pharmacy that should also be warm and welcoming for customers and employees. A unique room concept should convey a relaxing and pleasant environment.


After an intense planning and construction phase, a very tastefully designed and  customised sales area was created. An integrated air-conditioning system lies above the ceiling canvas that is suspended lower down. The cooler air gently flows around the ceiling canvas into the room. In collaboration with a very dedicated graphic designer, a highly interesting ceiling design was developed. The fully glazed laboratory provides daylight and caters for an ideal use of space. The wooden floor and the targeted lighting help to create a warm atmosphere.

Mrs Regine Brinkmann & Mrs Marlis Peter
Apotheke am Hechtplatz
Kirchgasse 1
CH-8320 Fehraltorf

«Until this very day, we still receive compliments for our beautiful new pharmacy.»

Regine Brinkmann & Marlis Peter