Apotheke im Zentrum Feldmeilen

Corporate design means visual identity. Corporate design within the field of shopfitting is applicable to the design of furnishings, logo, working clothes, sales promotion measures, online presence, car advertising, colour scheme, design guidelines for POS, advertising and marketing. 

A further extension of corporate design can be observed in the form of sense perceivable characteristics such as an acoustic (audio branding, corporate sound) or olfactory presence (scent branding). 

In this manner, a business can set itself apart from the ever tougher competition. A clear and consistent visual appearance communicates a feeling of trust, security and professionalism to the customer. The aim is to be perceived as a clear, unique and sympathetic unit in order to increase customer awareness. 

We will be pleased to show you an example of our work at the „Apotheke im Zentrum Feldmeilen“. In collaboration with the communications and design agency KplusH we developed a very unique corporate design concept which was consistently implemented in all areas of the project.