Client Remarks

Mrs Ursina Schwegler, Rathaus Apotheke AG, Baar

As the new owner of the facility which was built in 1977, I wanted to bring it in line with the latest standards.

My requests were met with great intensity. Further, the willingness to accept my requests for modification as well as the flexibility and reliability was very satisfactory. I was delighted with the 3D visualisations which immediately displayed any new requests in a realistic manner and therefore enabled a safe assessment. Everyday, I still think to myself that the „new“ pharmacy is absolutely perfect. The materials were chosen so that you feel absolutely comfortable. Further, the lighting is enthralling, full of atmosphere and also bright at the same time. The lamps above the counter are a highlight: It’s simply fantastic the way our logo is captured by the shape of the lamp.

The consulting area was optimised due to greater discretion by means of larger spacing between the counters as well as the new acoustic ceilings. A pleasant atmosphere now prevails – the successful material concept enables the pharmacy to radiate plenty of calmness. I have gained many new customers.

Mr Thong Vo, Toppharm Apotheke zum Kreuz, Olten

As the new owner, and because I am convinced that the old town of Olten is an attractive place, I was highly motivated to bring the pharmacy in line with the latest standards. Now, the pharmacy shines with a new gleam. The new rooms allow for an even larger variety of products. Thanks to the new consultation room we can now advise our clients in a much more friendly and warm environment.

My whole team and I are thrilled with the new, fresh and modern pharmacy. This result is based on the tremendous work between us and Mrs Koefoed at Global Shop Design. To this day, more than a year after the renovation, we still receive compliments from our customers. I am still extremely happy that we carried out this shopfitting. Today, despite the difficult and competetive market,  I am very happy with the increase in sales. The cash sales have clearly risen, even though total sales have stagnated due to the sharp drop in prices. For this reason, the renovation was absolutely perfect!

Mrs Manuela Imahorn, Apotheke Susten, Susten

We had the chance to move into a new building. This enabled us to renew the pharmacy and increase the retail space. For a new and special renovation, we decided to work with Global Shop Design, the leading Swiss shopfitting company in the field of pharmacy design. Global Shop Design immediately translated our needs to the reconstruction plan – hence, our collaboration worked smoothly from the beginning.

We had a great time renovating together with Global Shop Design. On the opening day, everyone from the village queued outside before the store opened. The customers are enthusiastic, and we gained a lot of new customers, especially males. We can highly recommend Global Shop Design as the best choice for pharmacy shopfitting design.

Mrs M. Flückiger, Grosse Apotheke, Burgdorf

A renovation was necessary in order to stay in line with the latest standards. Young, dynamic and futuristic vision was necessary, especially because we had to make up for the disadvantages of a relatively bad location. We were pleased that our individual requests were put into action, and we were also very pleased with the planning of the temporary solution.

The customers were very enthusiastic, and despite the stagnating market, sales still went up. Thanks to a wider range of products and new, especially younger customers, we were able to increase the over-the-counter cash sales. We highly recommend Global Shop Design as a pharmacy shopfitter. 

Mrs und Mr A. Szellö, Apotheke Affoltern, Zurich

The chance to rent more space in addition to our existing pharmacy allowed us to renovate the store. Global Shop Design really understood what we wanted and were able to make it happen. Our customers are thrilled with our new store. 

Today, we not only have a pharmacy but also a great store as well. Many new and younger customers increased the sales by at least 10% because the presentation of our product line received more space and attention than before. Costs and profits are covered.

We highly recommend Global Shop Design as the best shopfitting company for pharmacy design.

Mr D. Hugentobler, Gaz. Apotheke 11, Schwamendingen, Zurich

Thanks to a strong personal contact between the client and shopfitters we have gained new marketing possibilities and a store that offers our customers a great service. The teamwork was fantastic. Furthermore, our sales increased. We can now display more products and bring them closer to our customers. This renovation has especially helped our over-the-counter sales. We are very pleased with the result, and we would like to thank Global Shop Design for their good, reliable work. 

Dr. M. Rückstuhl, City and Löwen Apotheke, Dietikon

We rebuilt our pharmacy in order to be in line with the latest standards and create more space to exhibit our product line. Thanks to the excellent planning of the renovation of the store, everything went very smoothly and with much less stress than we had experienced with previous shopfitters. We got exactly what we wanted for our money. I highly recommend Global Shop Design at all times.