Client Remarks

Mrs Tuyen Vo, TopPharm Pharmacy Chemist’s Hägendorf

have been wanting to integrate a medical supplies shop with assistive devices in my pharmacy for a long time. The rental object next door was vacant, and I rented this space in addition. This way, I was able to obtain all parking spaces for my pharmacy. Since our pharmacy is located on a busy main street with few walk-in customers, parking spaces are very important for our business.

In the past, we already renovated the Kreuz Apotheke in Olten together with GSD, as well as the first new pharmacy building in Hägendorf. Our experience with GSD has shown that the time schedule for the conversion has always been adhered to. This gave us confidence and security – we knew that we could rely on GSD. Due to the fact that I had a lot to do besides the project, I didn't want the conversion to be even more difficult. The cooperation was very constructive, and when problems arose, GSD immediately found a solution. The conversion was managed quickly and efficiently.
We are very satisfied with the results. When we went on holiday after the opening, I really missed my pharmacy. During my holidays, I had access to the statistics of my pharmacy and was able to track how everything was going – with great pleasure!
The people reacted very positively to the new medical supplies and assistive devices area. For example, the attractive presentation of the walking sticks and walkers. Today we sell many more walking sticks. And even though we had them on display in the past, we weren’t able to sell them.
Our customers now have the opportunity to bridge the waiting time in our lounge with a good cup of tea. Surprised by the fine taste and the relaxed atmosphere, the customers also want to take the tea home with them. During the waiting time, the customers can watch how the spagyric and tea blends are made. As a result, they are no longer impatient, which is a relief for our staff. The waiting time has in fact turned into a pleasant experience.

My experience is that people are willing to spend more if the atmosphere is right. And I am very satisfied with the result. The pharmacy has become more spacious and more open, while the customer flow is now distributed significantly better.

Mr Pierre Bersier, Schönenbrunnen Pharmacy, Belp

In 2016, Migros planned a new residential building with a shopping centre on the Schönenbrunnen site in Belp. The project description of the shopping centre also included a pharmacy. For this reason, and with the aim of securing the Belp site, we decided to become active and plan a third pharmacy in addition to our two existing pharmacies in Belp. For this purpose, a 180 m2 area was put up for rent in the new shopping centre.

We then looked for a suitable partner for the realisation of our plans, the design and implementation of the new pharmacy. Based on recommendations from colleagues whose new buildings and renovations we visited, we became aware of GSD (Global Shop Design) – represented by Pia Koefoed –, and we decided to cooperate with GSD.
We liked GSD’s concept proposals from the beginning. They met our expectations to the fullest extent and promised an exciting realisation. Tailored to the conditions in a shopping centre, we wanted the largest possible area for sales and the presentation of goods. Thus, the back office had to be reduced to the bare essentials. The warehouse was to be fully integrated into an automated picking system, as neither basement nor other storage rooms were available. The consultation room as the only lockable room had to be multifunctional, i.e. also serve as an office, discussion, make-up and vaccination space. The ground plan that was presented to us was immediately convincing, and we were able to incorporate and implement all our ideas with regard to functionality. The materialisation and the lighting concept was also very convincing. Due to the visual displays developed by GSD, it was easy for us to imagine our future pharmacy.
Except for the time pressure and the difficult parking situation, we experienced the implementation phase positively without too many surprises. GSD was on site, managing and coordinating the collaboration with the local craftsmen. We would especially like to emphasise our satisfaction regarding the cooperation with the local team of electricians who were very flexible. The cooperation with the team of carpenters also worked very well, and we were very satisfied with their work.

Today – two years later – we still like our GSD gem, the Schönenbrunnen pharmacy, very much, and we would have hardly done anything differently. The shop with the parquet wooden flooring conveys a warm and pleasant shopping atmosphere. Furthermore, working in the pharmacy is extremely pleasant, despite the relatively limited space in the back office which requires good organisation. We are completely satisfied, and we are still absolutely convinced of the way the pharmacy has turned out. The many compliments from our customers prove that we have also met their taste. And after all, the sales performance is also pointing in the right direction.

Mrs Regine Brinkmann and Mrs Marlis Peter, Pharmacy at Hechtplatz, Fehraltorf

Our previous pharmacy was much too small and no longer met the requirements of a modern pharmacy. The construction of a new health centre across the street then gave us the opportunity to move. Looking for ideas, we found the company Global Shop Design (GSD) on the Internet. We wanted a pharmacy with an urban, but also warm character. We were really attracted to GSD’s special style. Before we contacted you, we visited some of your clients to take a look at their pharmacies. All the clients were extremely satisfied with GSD – both with regard to planning and execution –, and the budget was also right. That gave us security.

Dear Pia, your planning was perfect! You fully understood how to implement our desire for a modern pharmacy in the countryside. The communication between craftsmen, architects and authorities worked perfectly. Our customers are enthusiastic without exception. Colleagues have also been inspired by our beautiful pharmacy and have meanwhile turned to you to work with them.
Our employees are happy with the optimised work processes.
The pharmacy makes an inviting impression due to the open, unobstructed shop window front. The view is led directly into the pharmacy. All rooms are flooded with daylight. In the large salesroom, we are now able to present the products much better than in the old pharmacy. The glazed walls of the dispensary optically enlarge and enhance the room.
Above the ceiling element, GSD planned an air conditioning system that is connected with a long textile sleeving. The cold air gently streams down around the ceiling element. There is no draught at all, and the rooms are always at a very pleasant temperature. The oak floor is surprisingly uncomplicated.

Cash sales have increased significantly, and we were able to increase our turnover. The additional parking spaces in front of and next to the pharmacy also contribute to the success. Looking back, the period of planning and implementation with you was inspiring, exciting and extremely satisfying. We would do everything exactly the same again!

Mrs Elfi Seiler, St. Peter Pharmacy, Zurich

The rents at our location (near the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich) today exceed the financial means of an independent pharmacy. For this reason, we wanted to optimise our rental space in order to be able to dispose of part of the space. At the same time, we wanted to modernise the pharmacy, but it was also essential to preserve the existing flair.

We approached several companies that are familiar with pharmacy facilities. When I first met Pia Koefoed from Global Shop Design, I knew that I would choose her for our conversion. She immediately absorbed the quality of our pharmacy which is worth preserving. She then used her creativity to combine the old and the new in a tasteful manner.
By installing a new TCM laboratory and new picking equipment in the basement, we were able to gain shop space on the ground floor.
The laboratory on the ground floor was reduced in size and hence created additional space for a new consultation room and a lounge. The laboratory – with a new inside view of the pharmacy – was combined in order to enhance the production of spagyric mixtures.
The planning was very constructive and progress was fast. With the choice of a large wallpaper which should create exactly the right atmosphere, we needed several attempts. Also, thanks to the persistence of the interior designer, the detour for an optimal solution was worthwhile. The conversion was planned in several stages and proved to be very complex. First, the TCM laboratory in the basement had to be implemented, and then a temporary shop was to be installed (next door in a former bank branch with a connection to the former TCM laboratory). We were able to keep our shop in operation during the entire reconstruction phase. Even the problems with ventilation and air conditioning were not easy to solve. We wanted to prevent the air conditioning from destroying the visually unique ceiling with stucco décor. A hidden solution in the placement of the ventilation system was implemented with air circulation behind a panel and mesh on the upper side wall.

Even today, we still regularly receive very positive comments from our customers. The pharmacy has become more spacious, and due to the reconstruction we were able to gain space and at the same time create rental space.
The ambience of the pharmacy has been preserved, sustained and optimised. We now have freedom we did not have in the past: the open space also allows us to organise evening events. We invite our customers to take part in “soirée-events” within the pharmacy. At these meetings, for example, lectures are given on herbal medicine, herbal ingredients, plant oils, the production of natural cosmetics and soaps or soothing dry eyes with complementary medicine. Afterwards, we like to enjoy delicious culinary treats together.

Our customers are highly enthusiastic, and some of them visit the events in the pharmacy on a regular basis. With the renovation and the new space available, we have finally gained the freedom to better meet our customers’ needs.

Mr Beat Wittwer, TopPharm SchlossApotheke in the Polycenter, Laupen

A new shopping centre was planned in Laupen. As a family business, we were left to decide whether or not we should open a second location in the new centre. We knew that there were other interested parties, but given the size of the catchment area, we could not afford a competitor.

We prepared a small project tender and asked several companies to design and implement our new pharmacy. When we compared the bids, it became clear that GSD was best suited to what we were looking for. The design thoroughly met our requirements. A design that was not only practical, but also meaningful. We were immediately drawn to the drafts submitted by GSD, and we could defintely imagine the shop a whole lot better than the offers presented to us by the competitors. It was convincing how the object design fitted into the overall concept. In addition, the references from GSD (Global Shop Design) were very positive, and above all, GSD was very much concerned to realise an optimal concept in conjunction with our ideas and wishes. We are very satisfied with the result and would choose Global Shop Design again.

The new centre is now running well. It has taken some time for the customer frequency to even out. Since the adjoining rooms have already become too small again, we now need an additional dispensary.
A second pharmacy in the same village is only economical if additional customers can be acquired. This has now been achieved, even though the frequencies have decreased at the old location. However, the total turnover has increased distinctively.
Thanks to the spatial generosity within the pharmacy, our customers appreciate being able to shop directly with their shopping carts.
Our house specialities are selling very well thanks to the “show laboratory” on the mall front. We also sell our natural remedies above average due to our good reputation.

Mrs Ursina Schwegler, Rathaus Apotheke AG, Baar

As the new owner of the facility which was built in 1977, I wanted to bring it in line with the latest standards.

My requests were met with great intensity. Further, the willingness to accept my requests for modification as well as the flexibility and reliability was very satisfactory. I was delighted with the 3D visualisations which immediately displayed any new requests in a realistic manner and therefore enabled a safe assessment. Everyday, I still think to myself that the „new“ pharmacy is absolutely perfect. The materials were chosen so that you feel absolutely comfortable. Further, the lighting is enthralling, full of atmosphere and also bright at the same time. The lamps above the counter are a highlight: It’s simply fantastic the way our logo is captured by the shape of the lamp.

The consulting area was optimised due to greater discretion by means of larger spacing between the counters as well as the new acoustic ceilings. A pleasant atmosphere now prevails – the successful material concept enables the pharmacy to radiate plenty of calmness. I have gained many new customers.

Mr Thong Vo, Toppharm Apotheke zum Kreuz, Olten

As the new owner, and because I am convinced that the old town of Olten is an attractive place, I was highly motivated to bring the pharmacy in line with the latest standards. Now, the pharmacy shines with a new gleam. The new rooms allow for an even larger variety of products. Thanks to the new consultation room we can now advise our clients in a much more friendly and warm environment.

My whole team and I are thrilled with the new, fresh and modern pharmacy. This result is based on the tremendous work between us and Mrs Koefoed at Global Shop Design. To this day, more than a year after the renovation, we still receive compliments from our customers. I am still extremely happy that we carried out this shopfitting. Today, despite the difficult and competetive market,  I am very happy with the increase in sales. The cash sales have clearly risen, even though total sales have stagnated due to the sharp drop in prices. For this reason, the renovation was absolutely perfect!

Mrs Manuela Imahorn, Apotheke Susten, Susten

We had the chance to move into a new building. This enabled us to renew the pharmacy and increase the retail space. For a new and special renovation, we decided to work with Global Shop Design, the leading Swiss shopfitting company in the field of pharmacy design. Global Shop Design immediately translated our needs to the reconstruction plan – hence, our collaboration worked smoothly from the beginning.

We had a great time renovating together with Global Shop Design. On the opening day, everyone from the village queued outside before the store opened. The customers are enthusiastic, and we gained a lot of new customers, especially males. We can highly recommend Global Shop Design as the best choice for pharmacy shopfitting design.

Rita and Willy Meyer, owners of TopPharm Pharmacy Meyer AG

The shop area was too small and restricted. We wanted to expand the presentation of goods, especially the range of chemist’s products. Especially for the staff, there was too little space. Our business has grown over the years, and today we have three times more employees than before.

We also had other project proposals on the table, but the Global Shop Design project appealed to us the most. Pia Koefoed fully understood our ideas, and she implemented them in a highly successful manner. She also respected our opinion when something was undesirable. Her suggestions were very appealing and were exactly what we were looking for.

The planning stage was very efficient. It was important to us that the new facility creates a link between the existing part of the pharmacy in the beautiful classicist house dating back to 1928 and the modern extension. It was also a major concern for us that our existing customers could identify with the new pharmacy. After the conversion and extension, it should appear modern but still cosy. We still have the feeling that everything fits. We have not yet discovered anything that we would do differently today.

Mr Hanspeter Stutz, Pharmacy Fanghöfli

A major distributor opened its new location in a new building. Back then, my pharmacy was located across the street from the new building and no longer met today’s requirements. We followed suit, as a conversion and a new shop fitting concept in the existing condominium was costly and hardly feasible during ongoing operations. At this point in time, we already had a longstanding cooperation with GSD with previous pharmacy facilities. Pia Koefoed responds to customer needs and the individuality typical of the location.

The pharmacy was to be completed in an unfinished shell construction, so that the opening could take place together with the wholesaler. Due to the obstacles associated with the shell and the limited space of the pharmacy, the implementation was very demanding. However, this process was ultimately well mastered.

Today, the pharmacy is functionally structured and radiates the desired natural atmosphere. Our customers have responded very well to the new pharmacy. The appearance of the pharmacy is flooded with light due to the modern new building, the high-ceiling rooms and the glass facades. The new location on the main street as well as the good visibility of the pharmacy has increased customer frequency and has become much more attractive.